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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm tiffany will onfor carolyn tyler. let's start off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. low clouds and fog notice showing up here, but some of it is moving through the coast into the city right now. from our roof camera you can see a bit of a breeze. still mild with numbers in the low 60s from san carlos to oakland, half moon bay 61 degrees with low clouds and fog. most is on the san mateo coast this morning, then it burns off quickly. 70s again for our beaches that. includes ocean beach and even half moon bay. mid-70s up toward point reyes. also getting pretty warm once
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again. plenty of 90s in the inland valleys. a detail look at the rest of the weekend, including labor day, coming up. >> thank you. >> livermore police are investigating a shooting. police say three men had been invited to attend a party and then they got into a scuffle with some other guests. shortly after they left, witnesses say a white vehicle pulled up in front of the house and they started firing. police are still unclear who was in the car, but they suspect they are the men who were asked to leave. three women and men who were shot are not in life threatening condition. downtown napa was back in business last night and they did it in style. they have declared a local emergency after last sunday's 6.0 earthquake centered near napa. it clears the way for business owners to seek state and federal
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emergency funds. officials say sonoma county had more than $4.5 million in damages. the quake caused at least $362 million in damage in napa county. lots of people are lending a hand to help rebuild. in the after shocks, a 3.5 earthquake struck south of napa just this morning shortly before 2:00 a.m. downtown napa businesses were booming and so were the fundraisers. >> on the first saturday since the napa earthquake, it was a celebration for naked wines and their customers. >> we were allowed to reopen yesterday and the first thing that came to mind was this. >> the builting was red tagged after the quake but an inspector posted a green taking. lots of their inventory was damaged so now they are having a sale. >> people are coming in here and restock being their wane cellulars. >> the labels may be stained and
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some bottle caps dented but the wine inside are fine. all proceeds go to the napa valley relief funds. a few blocks away, restoration crews were hard at work and there was a line of people out the door. >> i can't wait to get up there and rub it and give it good luck for the sharks this year. >> this was an event that was planned best quake for the stanley cup, but it turned into a reopening. >> we are asking people to donate a minimum of five dollars and put it in the cup to get their picture taken and at the end of the evening the kings will match all donation. >> the westin had to evacuate all their guests last weekend and only portions of the hotel have reopened. they expect to be fully operational in a few weeks. downtown had been experiencing a renaissance the last few years and the hope is to keep that going, despite the quake. abc7 news.
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>> this morning, a napa church damaged in last week's quake will beholding services elsewhere after a local pastor reached out to help. the members of the united methodist church are expected to cost more than $1 million for repair. one heard about a damage and offered to lend them his church for free every sunday until further notice. pastor said their church worships on saturdays so there was no problem to let the methodist church use it on sundays. >> one of the biggest things people are dealing with now is cleaning up. yesterday morning in an effort to help, cleaning supplies were given out in the parking lot of the napa bank. so many people turned out, everything was gone by noon. >> we are here to -- i guess they ran out. >> building inspectors are still at work and more than 1,000 buildings have either been yellow or red-tagged. the good news is the debris pile
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is getting smaller. a man is in critical condition after he was hit by a patrol car. it happened yesterday around 1:30 yesterday afternoon near lake merritt. the officer was responding to a call when he hit a pedestrian. he was driving slowly but the 58-year-old man had to be hospitalized. another accident involving a pedestrian is under investigation in san francisco. police say the victim was hit by a big rig around 4:30 p.m. yesterday at fifth and folso346789e street. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police are looking for a man when exposed himself to a young girl in stock valley. this is -- in scotts valley. this is a drawing of the suspect. a girl turned around and a man exposed himself. the truck is described as a smaller two-door dark color at
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this time truck with silver rims. firefighters in san jose were busy battling two fires in hot and windy conditions. they hope things will slow down this holiday weekend. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> it took a lot to put out this fire on north 7th street. the smoke could be seen for miles. on the ground it was worst. chris was one of two people inside one of the buildings when the fire started. >> it was everywhere. black smoke behind there. it was terrible. >> two buildings went newspaper flames. they were used for storing old cars, parts and tools. >> the fire started not far from here and rushed down this direction of the building. at the same time a witness said she saw someone look pretty suspicious running down the train tracks that way. investigators say they still haven't decided what the cause is. >> but that doesn't matter to
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the business owner. >> i'm okay, my dog is okay and i am happy about that. >> he also didn't have insurance. but the firefighters got control of one fire and then another broke out a few miles away in kelly park off-center road. grass fire burned half an acre. it was a tough fight and now saturday firefighters will be watched closely to make sure exhaustion doesn't set in. >> when you have higher heat, it causes problems. then when they start doing multiple fires back-to-back, that takes a toll too. this is a weekend that looks like it will get relatively warm. >> and windy. conditions that worry fire crews. they don't expect to get another break for another two months when the fir season officially sends. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. some suffered from smoke inhalation and a fire sustained injuries from a two-alarm fire in san francisco. a witness reported the flames on
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her cell phone after 11:00 yesterday morning. this picture is from our sutro tower camera and you see the smoke billowing into the air. several people had to be rescued and twelve people were displaced by the fire. >> two fires sparkedly lightning nearly three weeks ago are now threatening hundreds of homes. the fires began miles apart from each other on august 11th. yesterday they merged into one big fire. in all, nearly 58,000 acres have burned. a mandatory evacuation order has been given for 250 homes and the fire is just 15% contained. one person died and two others were hurt when they fell from a live near daly city. they say it happened early yesterday morning after three men broke through a fence. a rescue team found all three people on the beach. 29-year-old shawn carrington from santa rosa was pronounced dead at the scene.
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two survivors were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. starting tomorrow, a daily pass ticket will cost riders $2.25 and that's a 25-cent increase. increase also applies to clipper cars. fast pass will cost more, up two dollars for the adult monthly pass and four dollars more for the a-pass. the monthly passes will go up by a dollar and seniors and disabled and low and middle income youth will remain the same. this is the first muni increase since 2009. look ahead at the weather, it's a nice day? >> yes. got pretty warm yesterday and today. we are looking at a little fog moving in this morning and that will pick up the sea breeze. from the exploratorium camera, 60 degrees downtown. we will talk about the mid-90s returning and the warmest day of the weekend when we return. >> thank you. also next, a volcano in iceland
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is rumbling again. how the latest eruption will affect air travel. and a bay area woman who had a brain aneurysm and how the
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>> authorities iceland have raised the aviation code for a cal cane no after a small eruption. this morning's eruption was the third in the area in 8 days. on friday a smaller eruption prompted authorities to briefly restrict flights around the cal vein no. the civil protection department said all airports remain open but in 2010 many flights were cancelled after ash spewed
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thousands. feet into the air. this morning the first openly gay player to be draft by an nfl team is waiting to see if another team will claim him on waivers. he was at his season openers when he found out the rams released him. rams cut sam, along with 20 other players for example get their roster down to 53 players. head coach said the decision to release a defensive end was not easy. >> i was pulling for mike. i really was. and i don't say that railroad often. but i was. mike came in here and did everything we asked him to do. >> sam publicly acknowledged he's gay back in february. the rams picked him near the bottom of the draft three months later. as he was cut he used twitter to thank the rams for the opportunity, vowing to keep working for a career in nfl football. if not signed by another team he could be assigned by the rams and placed on their practice squad. >>alden smith is apologizing following a nine game suspension
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for the nfl for a series of off field issues. he said over the last year i have worked a lot and i'm working hard to grow from my experience. i will be at work daily to participate in all permitted work activities and to support my teammates just as they have supported me. smith was suspended friday for violating the league's policy on personal conduct and substance abuse. he missed five games last season to undergo treatment following a dui arrest in september. he pleaded not guilty to gun charges last year. most recently he was arrested but never charged for allegedly making a bomb threat at lax airport in april. work on 280 is on schedule. crews are replacing two bridge hinges as part of a seismic retrofitting project on 280. >> it's been around with
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san francisco traffic and it's time for repair. this hinge has nothing to do with the recent quake. it was scheduled years out in advance. >> if you are going to the giants game at at&t park, you want to give yourself extra time. traffic coming from the south was significantly backed up ahead of last night's game. 2830 is scheduled to reopen tuesday at 9:00 a.m. to navigate around the traffic download the free app waze. the als bucket challenge has raised $90 million and counting. some of our very own all got drenched and made donation toss the als association. so pane donations made, they are 34 times higher than this time last year. and reporter elizabeth cohen shows us why this fundraiser has
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been so successful. >> superman and lois lane got doused, so did homer simpson, matt damon and martha stewart. this guy did it in an airplane upside-down. in one month it's generated $100 million. as of friday the als association said donations are up an astonishing 3,504% from the same time last year. and while you can say that hashtag amazing, there's a worry the dunkers expectations might be disappointed because even with all this money a cure for als is still a long way off. >> progress against these really tough issues takes patience and it takes time. we won't see results overnight and nobody should expect them. >> sylvia is a director for the
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filllan though by. he said donors often want to see quick results and they want to know where their money is going right away. >> there would be a temptation to give it all away quickly, but it maybe wiser to be more deliberate, see what shows evidence of success, and then and only then fund that in a bigger way. >> the a. l. s. association doesn't have a breakdown of how all the ice bucket money will be spent and it acknowledges the spinning pressures in statement saying "it isn't a matter of spending the dollars quickly, it's a matter of investing the dollars prudently to achieve maximum impact for those living with the disease and those yet to be diagnosed." while a cure might not come overnight, at least for now more and more money is with ice bucket challenges averaging $9 million per day. >> charity, als. donate. >> elizabeth cohen reporting. >> dozens of people gathered
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last night to raise money for a morgan hill mom with a long road to recovery ahead. the hawaiian themed fund racener sunnyvale was packed. this 32 is a mother of two and wife of a public safety officer. she suffered a brain aneurysm on july 4th. since then she's had several costly surgeries and is now in peach and physical therapy at a san jose hospital. heidi's mom said her daughter was overwhelmed when she learned about all the support from her community. >> we discover she can read now and she was thumbing through on her dad's cell phone looking at all of this and she really got tiers in her eyes. >> pretty overwhelmed by it all. >> i don't think she had any idea how many people care about her and how many lives she has touched. >> in addition to last night's fundraising event, a go fund me website has also raised more than $107,000.
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oakland pride kicks off today. the parade celebrating the lgbt community at 14th street and broadway and it ends at 20th and broadway. oakland native and grammy nomination percussionist sheila e will be headlining the parade today. hopefully many will turn out for that. how is it looking for the pride festival? >> a little fog in the city but that won't last long. it will get stopped as it tries to enter the bay. we have a warm day today, another one, and the warmest day will be tomorrow. here's a look at high doppler 7hd. the low clouds are beginning to speaker in. about 5-mile visibility half moon bay. and here's a look at our roof camera right now. a little bit of a breeze out there. 62 in oakland. good morning to you. 63 in san carlos. 57 gilroy. 61 half moon bay. yesterday managed 71 degrees. it was in the 70s as well as
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in san francisco. more of that on the way. exploratorium camera, can you make out a. >> bit of the low cloudiness? it is cooler up in the north bay. in fact, everywhere around the bay two to three degrees cooler with more 50s coming into play right now in napa and novato. 63 by the delta. the wind up to 24 miles an hour and low 60s for concord and livermore. sfo this morning, we are looking with no problems here. good visibility. a little bit of coastal cloudiness early and warm to hot again today. above average temperatures remain for labor day. in fact, numbers should be well into the 90s in our inland valleys. but that sea breeze kicks up today and tomorrow. so even though we have a strong north-south gradient today, high pressure is beginning to build once again off the coast. that allows for a little bit of a breeze throughout the day today. so more summer warmth with temperatures once again ranging from the mid-70s here in milbrae today. so very nice day with just a few clouds to start out early.
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but by about 10:00 it will be sunny and into the mid-70s. you head up north of the golden gate, sausalito, and just about the same weather with temperatures in the mid-70s by the middle of the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. the breeze kicks up by the afternoon, as well, here. we will look for numbers today just about the same as they were yesterday with mid-80s in san jose. low 90s return for morgan hill and gilroy. yesterday was 84 in santa cruz. today upper 70s. on the peninsula, mid-70s for san mateo with low 60s palo alto. mid-80s redwood city. upper 60s, perhaps a few 70s by ocean beach. san francisco low 70s. a bit breezy in the afternoon and in the north bay numbers climbing through the 80s into the low 90 he is's. this is where you felt the heat yesterday. 91 napa. throughout the afternoon, still the 70s but upper 70s for san leandro. union city checks in about 79.
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80 castro valley. mid-90s arrive for antioch and brentwood today. 95 in walnut creek. it will be a warm day if you are headed over to the ballpark this afternoon. san francisco, 105. upper 06ths to near 70 by 4:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast so the warmest day tomorrow with mid-90s inland, low 80s around the coast. then more low clouds and fog by tuesday and wednesday and temperatures trail off to readings that should be more typical of this time of the year. a little bit above normal today and tomorrow. we will let you know how warm it will number your community by keeping of bay area weather on twitter @livedoppler7hd. timing is good on this one if you like it warm. >> it is for all the people having parties outside. couldn't be better. thank you, lisa. >> okay. >> the average family does 400 loads of laundry a year. i think a lot of parents would agree with that. but what is the cost for water, detergent and energy? michael finney will show you how
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to save money and water. >> the first money waister in the laundry room, using too much detergent. detergents are super concentrationed now. when you use too much, you are not just wasting detergent, it can tryinger your washer to do an extra rinse cycle. >> it takes longer to do laundry and it waists water. if you mark your cap yourself, you use exactly the amount you need. >> consumer reports found as much of 90% of energy spent on a wash load is for heating the water. instead choose the cold water cycle. your clothes will come clean and you probably won't see a difference. wash only full loads of laundry. it saves wear and tear on your machine. if you must wash a small load, adjust the load size. and whatever the sides of your load, use the highest spin setting your fabrics allow. >> this reduces the a moisture
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in your clothes, then your dryer will have less work to do and save you energy. >> don't dry your clothes using the timed dry setting. chews the auto dry setting on medium and let your drier's moisture sensor decide when the load is dry. fabric softener seats can gum up the sensor making it run longer, so wipe it monthly with rubbing alcohol. lastly, you won't get the cleanest clothes if you stuff everything in at once. it's more efficient to wash similar items together like just jeans or just t-shirts so everything will dry evenly. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. next, going out of business. why sears is shutting down today and what developers want to do with the landmark bulling in oakland.
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. >> a landmark building in oakland is about to be renovated and repurposed. store that now calls the building home is now going out of business. from broadway in oakland's up down neighborhood is closing today. developers bought the 89-year-old build fourth $25 million. lane partners plans to convert
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the upper floors into office space to attract tech companies to the east bay. first floor will likely be rented out to retail shops. the magic of the mediterranean camps to the peninsula this labor day weekend the 34th annual belmont greek festival continues today in belmont. the festival features greek cuisine, folk music and dancing, a mythology play and an amusement area. the festival is expected to draw 20,000 visitors over the three day weekend. much more ahead on the abc7 morning news. new air strikes against isis in iraq and the new warning to western countries. and the staggering numbers of unwanted horses
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>> good morning again. we are starting this half-hour with a look at weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, tiffany. good morning to you. right now the exploratorium camera, just some patchy fog. san francisco's temperature has dropped to 59 degrees. elsewhere it is pretty cool in the north bay with 54 napa, 55
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in novato. low 60s for concord and livermore with the clear sky. it was a warm one yesterday in the inland valleys. and today the fog not making much of an impact. for just a short time it will be along the san mateo county coast. then it burns back. the sea breeze does kick up today, but plenty of sunshine, allowing for a picture-perfect sunday with highs in the mid-90s inland. even 70s at our beaches. i'll tell you if this will last through labor day coming up. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you. well, the u.s. has carried out five more air strikes against islamic state targets near iraq's mosul dam. and a new warning from king abdullah, that terrorists groups could attack europe and the u.s. unless groups step up. we have the latest. >> as u.s. warplanes continue to pummel isus forces in iraq, president obama made a
5:31 am
surprising admission about what comes next. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> the president explained a long-term plan to contain the islamist militants will take time to pull together. >> to systematically degrade isus capacity to engage in terrible violence. >> hundreds of captured syrian soldiers, slipped tounder wear, forced to walk barefoot across the burning sands apparently in a death march. the video later seems to show a killing ground in the aftermath of a massacre. threat from isis has alerted the united kingdom to raise their threat level to highly likely. >> it is a deeper threat to our security than we've known before. >> isis recruits young fighters from britain and already has an
5:32 am
estimated 100 fighters the united states after using rap messes to win them over. one recruitment leads back to the minneapolis area. >> young men are being recruited by other young men who are already out there. >> young men like douglas mccain and troy, once classmates at a suburban minneapolis high school, who both side fighting thousands of miles from home in syria and somalia. but here at home the white house said there's no evidence isis is actively plot to go attack the u.s. homeland. abc news, new york. >> coming up on "this week with george stephanopoulos" the latest on the terrorist threat warnings and the how the british government is mobilize to go protect its citizens. and the powerhouse round table debates and this week's politics. that's all coming up at 8:00 a.m.. russia has been given a one-week ultima tough to scale back their intervention in ukraine or face sanctions.
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they warned them they risked being isolated if they continue to escalate the crisis in ukraine. the faa is investigating a plane crash into the atlantic ocean aft pilot lost consciousness. yesterday the small plane took off from an airport in wisconsin heading to virginia. the pilot stopped responding to radio calls around 1:00 and because the plane was so close to washington, d.c., f-16 fighter jets scrambled to escort the plane. jets confirmed the pilot was unconscious and stayed alongside until it ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean. the coast guard said the pilot was the only person on board. the soars cost of hay has led to a glut of unwanted horses. animal advocates say many of being illegally sent to lautner other countries. one person is trying to save as many horses as possible and now they are asking for your help.
5:34 am
ama daetz has this morning's assignment 7 report. this four-month-old colt was born months after his mother was rescued. >> the mom was headed to the slaughterhouse. she would have ended up in a france grocery store in shrink wrap. >> instead of being sold as horse meat it ended up here in a sanctuary run by monica. the haven for neglected, abused and abandoned horses started five years ago in the bay area and just moved to this larger home on 400 acres in san benito county. right now the center is caring for one donkey. >> say hi, cutie. >> and 70 horses. some are put up for adoption. others will spend their retirement here like sunny, he's 37 years old. >> each horse hat a different spot they love to have rubbed. >> the quivering lips are a sign of horse happiness. >> look at his mouth. >> jackie bradley from hollis
5:35 am
center is about to adopt this horse named rowdy. they are just getting acquainted. >> when i take him out of here i want him to know what who i am. >> the money to buy the property came from an vest, craig dooling. the horses come from all over. >> this is cricket. she was rescued from mow defend stow. >> these are racehorses that didn't make the cut at golden gate field. >> they would be great horse for showing. >> these two were rescued, about to be sent to other countries to be killed and eaten. that's illegal in the united states but there's little enforcement so horses like these often get shipped to mexico and canada for slaughter. why would someone give up on the horses? monica says the soaring cost of hay, which has doubled in the last couple years. >> especially in the central families.
5:36 am
people need to feed their families or horse. >> hay is so expensive, the rescue centering is also struggling with the cost of food. >> $8,000 a month minimum. >> there is also the cost for vet bills and the need to create shade for the boyfriend. she runs the farm with the help of her boyfriend and a string of interns and volunteers. the only pay is a great experience. >> you learn a lot about the horses' nature, how they act among themselves. i had no idea. i felt like i was waking up because i was blind before. >> monica started the rescue center after her sister was murdered and horses helped her deal with the pain she felt. now she's giving back to them. >> they deserve a good life. >> up a ma dates, abc7 news. >> the equine rescue center is a nonprofit and depends entirely on donation and they can only take in as many horses' they can afford to feed. they have a big fundraiser coming up and if you want to
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contribute, adopt a horse or just volunteer, we have a link at still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, a new computer chip that could revolutionize tropics and break the number one law in silicon valley forever. here's a live look from our tower cam pointed toward the bay bridge. it's all lit up. not much fog here. about 60 degrees in san francisco. lisa argen will have your full forecast in just a fe
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>> welcome back to abc7 sunday morning news. it is 5:39 right now. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you see the lights are a little blurry. patchy fog now and lisa argen will have the full forecast coming up in just a couple
5:40 am
minutes when that fog is going to burn off. the search is on this weekend for undiscovered soccer talent. they are searching for talent today from 8:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the morgan hill sports park. players are invited to compete for a chance to try out in mexico along for scholarships. it's the largest amateur soccer programs in the united states. the morgan hill stop is part of the group's 11-city tour. if you are a fan of fine art, music, food and wine, you are in luck. the arts festival continues today. and on the peninsula the art and wine festival will hold its second day today. check out the kid-friendly fun on broadway between meadow glen and victoria avenues. a lost festivals going on this weekend. how is the weather? >> not much of a sea breeze. that returns today. but a little bit in the way of low clouds and fog in
5:41 am
san francisco and oakland. partly cloudy skies. 59 degrees once again. but in the afternoon we are going for a high in the low 70s for parts of the city. that means it's going to be hot inland. i'll explain coming up. >> all right. thank you, lisa. and up next, giants picture jake spivey flirts with a no-hitter as the team tries to gain more ground on the dodgers. mike shumann has the highlights welcome home!has the highlights ve him the kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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e home! give him the tour. ve him the kitchen is beautiful! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. >> welcome back. you see a lot of fog there hanging over the city. can't quite see across the bay. lisa argen will detail when the fog is going to burn off and how hot it's going to get coming up in a couple minutes. computer chips are getting
5:44 am
smaller and faster, but not without some serious scientific research happening high on a hill in berkeley. here's abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom who suited up and went into the clean room where discoveries are being made to make our smartphones smarter and faster. >> the view from the berkeley national lab is second to none. but the scientists in sid are more excited about the view from this electronic microscope. these tient ridges make up the circuits within a computer chip. >> within each one of these chips there's no complexity that the entire road system in the world. >> it was nearly 50 years ago gordon moore predicted the number of transistors on a chip would double every two years, it's known as moore as law and it's been true for decades. but at his retirement even moore himself expressed doubt it would hold up much longer. >> when it comes to atoms, that starts to bite us. you can't go smaller than an
5:45 am
atom. >> but you can get close. >> is it a breakthrough? >> yes. >> it has to do with this liquid. it's baked into a solid and patterns are etched into it. the photo resistance matters a lot. >> if you were writing your name in the sand at the beach you would have to have very, very small sand to get high-resolution. >> and wet sand sticks together better n that case consider this the finest, wettest sand you've seen for building silicon sand castles a few nanometers wide. >> when you want more powerful cell phones, it all adds up to enter devices. >> making devices smaller makes everything more complicated. for one thing an ordinary clean room is no longer clean enough to reliably manufacture something that microscopic. >> dust particles flying through the air. those dust particles look like boulders on a chip. >> it requires a new microscope that feels the chips like reading braille.
5:46 am
>> if you look, you can't see a thing. these microscopes are based on a sharp needle we touch on the surface. >> the smaller the chip, the faster it runs and the less power it needs. >> you want your cell phones and tablets to last longer on the same battery. >> and before you know it. >> the pc you have on your desk will now be in your watch. >> in berkeley, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> a lot to have talk about with smart watches. but we also want to talk about the weather. yesterday i saw a lot of people with jackets tied around their waists. >> it got warm. the sea breeze was tough to materialize in the afternoon. usually cooling off the city and oakland and parts of the peninsula and north bay. today it will be back, but temperatures are going to be just fairly cooler along the coast. overall we will still have plenty of 90s and the 80s as you head toward castro valley. right now live doppler hd, it's clear out there. the low clouds are ting to develop just along the coast here. you can't see them from our roof
5:47 am
camera t remains in the upper 50s in the city. oakland 62. partly cloudy skies. both cities, 63 in san carlos. san jose starting out clear at 61, as well as half moon bay. mid-50s in gilroy. we have more mid-50s in the north bay where it's kind of cool, santa rosa and novato, 2 to 3 degrees cooler this morning. napa 54. and clear skies toward the delta, concord and livermore. so the holiday weekend right in the middle of it. we are featuring more sunshine today. warm to hot once again. subtle changes along the coast with the sea breeze along the shoreline. otherwise above average numbers once again as we head into labor day. so it gets pretty coastie in our inland valleys in the afternoon. in fact, numbers are anywhere from about 5 degrees above average today today and tomorrow. we are looking at high pressure building back along the eastern pacific and that allows for more summer warmth today. low clouds and fog will try to
5:48 am
cozy up to the san mateo coast, but they will get wiped offshore early on. so we aren't going to see much in the way of fog. but the sea breeze will keep you comfortable there. 95 sacramento. 92 yosemite. waves still are a problem with the rip current possibility in southern california. partly cloudy skies. 88 degrees. and the fire danger, the red flag warning has been lifted for western novato. that's good news. dry out there but more sunshine in oakland, pride festivities will be comfortable in mid-70s by 4:00 in the afternoon. a nice day here, but you head inland, getting warm again. upper 80s to low 90s for the scottish highlands game at the fair. 29 by 4:00 in the afternoon. temperatures around the bay from the upper 60s half moon bay to near 70 degrees. with the sea breeze, it will feel pretty nice here burks if you head to stinson, about 74
5:49 am
today there. bodega bay, upper 60s. nice beach day. 78 oakland, 82 palo alto, 92 concord and livermore with 95 in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the warmth continues around the bay with the sea breeze today. tomorrow a few degrees warmer in the mid-90s for labor day, then we cool off with more low clouds and fog come tuesday and wednesday. typical mid-and upper 80s inland and 70s the bay and more low clouds and fog at the coast. if you like it warm. it works out well for today and tomorrow. >> we are hanging on to summer. thank you, lisa. coming up in sports, stanford fans are already look ahead to next weekend's pac-12 opener. next weekend the 11th ranked cardinals host number 15usc at the stadium. you can watch it right here at 12:30 p.m.. yesterday stanford tuned up for the game against u.c. davis. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's
5:50 am
sports. >> good morning. we kickoff with a little college football. 11th ranked stanford kicked off the 2014 season looking for their third straight pac-12 title. they shut out u.c. davis in the home opener, extending the nation's longest home win streak to 17 games. they were able to score before the offense even took the field. first quarter. ty montgomery. he scores. he had also a td catch. and kevin hogan showing off the arm. made it 2 1-0 in the second quarter. 204 yards and 3 touchdowns. stanford wins 45-0. they will host usc next week in their pac-12 opener. and cal coming off 1-11 season. looking for pay back against northwestern who knocked off the bears last year. the three td passes in the first half. sent out to wide open trevor davis. a little blown coverage, i would say. 76 yards. cal with the 24-7 lead.
5:51 am
northwestern down 7. 1:38 left. wildcats driving. trevor simeon picked off by jay lon jefferson and cal snaps a ten-game losing streak. they win 31-24, that final. to the diamond. tim lincecum threw a no-hitter for the g-men. madison bumgarner was one away from another last tuesday and last night jake peavy took his turn. hosting the brewers. peavy struck out 7 the first four innings. the giants bust open the scoring in the first. two men on for michael morse. deep to center. off the wall. hunter pence and sandoval both score. it-0, g-men. crawford's reign single made it 3-0. great defense in the seventh. robb scooter denied of a sure hit. double play, keeping peavy's no hit air live. he had a no-hitter through the
5:52 am
seventh. peavy one hit, no runs, three walks, 8 strikeouts. giants win 3-s the giants now only 2 1/2 back in the national league west. a's and angels. a's need a win. erick aybar, base hit to right. pujols scores. 1-0. next batter. jeff saw marga will throw it away. a's lose again, 2-0 your final. angels lead in the american league west is now up to four games. novak, djokovic and serena williams all advance at the u.s. open yesterday and that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again at 5:00. have a great day. next, california's great america could reach a big milestone today. the huge celebration at the santa clara theme park.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> here's the winning numbers from last night's power ball draw. >> hate to disappoint you, but nobody picked all six numbers that. means wednesday night's jackpot grows to about $100 million. the winning numbers from the last night's $14 million super lotto plus draw. again, nobody matched all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot increases to about $50 million. california's great america is getting ready to celebrate a big milestone this holiday weekend. one lucky person will be the theme park's 75 millionth guest. yes, 75 millionth. that person will receive a vip prize package and a key to great america. but they won't be the only person getting a prize, of course, not. each day this weekend the first
5:56 am
7500 guests will receive commemorative giveaway items. today if you are one of the first 7500, you will get a backpack, and tomorrow the first 5700 guests will receive a rally towel. both of those gifts marked with the 75 millionth guest logo. very cool. one more reason to head out to the theme park. coming up next on abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, a man is in critical condition after being hit by a police car. what authorities say happened. and the investigation after a pair of wildfires in the south bay.
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>> good morning, i'm tiffany wilson in for carolyn tyler. let's start off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hi there, tiffany. good morning to you. low clouds are beginning to invade san francisco, partly sunny skies. temperature has dropped to 59 degrees. from the sutro tower camera, this is the marine layer just over 1,000 feet deep but it will not last long. 53 at the airport. 67 gilroy. low others. and from


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